Welcome to Al Hadheerah in Bab Al Shams - Dubai

Experience 1001 Arabian Nights...

Like a scene out of a fairytale, Al Hadheerah at Bab Al Shams Desert Resort & Spa is the place to experience Arabia in all its glory. From authentic Middle Eastern cuisine prepared using ancient recipes, to lively dance and music performances, to mesmerising camel and equestrian shows, this must-visit venue in Dubai leaves no stone unturned in creating an Arabian experience - right down to the last detail.

Desert Dining Experience, 1st March 2017

Join us on this special evening and be the first to see our new lineup of live entertainment program - checkout the Special Event section for more details.

Regular Prices:

  • AED 425 per person from Saturday to Wednesday
  • AED 495 per person every Thursday, Friday and Dubai Food Festival event
  • Inclusive of still water, soft drinks & Arabic Coffee


Dinner: 7.00pm - 11.00pm
Show starts at 8.00pm and ends at 11.00pm

Contact Us: Bab Al Shams Restaurant Reservations
Tel: +971 4 809 6194


Al Hadheerah - Live Entertainment

Your Al Hadheerah experience is not complete without a full lineup of traditional daily performances and lively guest's interactions.

Live Entertainment:

  • Arabic Band
  • Belly dancer
  • Tanoura dancer
  • Falcon display
  • Camel and Horse Caravan Show

Heritage Village & Museum

You may also enjoy the adjacent Heritage Village and discover the traditional Emirati culture and history before skyscrapers spread across the Dubai horizon. Finally, Al Hadheerah weekends (Thursday & Friday) are extra-special with spectacular fireworks display to conclude your evening.

Al Hadheerah is suitable for both large groups and more intimate gatherings with friends and family.

Contact Us: Bab Al Shams Restaurant Reservations
Tel: +971 4 809 6194


Al Hadheerah - Dining Experience

In addition to the live entertainment performances, Al Hadheerah's generous buffet option is the highlight of the experience. Throughout the night you can indulge into 14 live cooking stations offering exquisite earthy creations.

Your Dining Options:

  • Emirati dishes cooked by local ladies in the old Emirati way (lokaymat – shebab)
  • Lamb machbous: Baby lamb cooked underground with rice, split beans, raisins and onions
  • Smoked whole lamb, shredded and baked with bread dough in the oven
  • King fish cooked with Arabic spices (display of hanging king fish and live cooking with guests' interactions)
  • Oriental seafood Char-grill BBQ, Shrimp kebab, Hamour kebab, cuttle fish kebab
  • Masgouf fish, fish hanging on skewer cooked around charcoal fire
  • Char-grilled Kofta, Camel kofta, Turkish Kofta, Veal Kofta, Lamb-pistachio Kofta, Eggplant Kofta
  • Baked Lamb Kibbe Saniyeh (a very big one, and the Chef will cut it in front of the guest)
  • Hot mezze: Chicken liver with molasses, lamb merquez, chicken wings with garlic lemon sauce
  • Fatoush and Tabouleh prepared by the chefs, more in as a show interacting with the guests
  • Kushari, selection of Lentils, Macaroni, rice, chick peas, fried onion and finished with spiced tomato sauce
  • Arabic booza ice cream (pounded ice cream)
  • An extensive buffet of various side dishes and pastries
Contact Us: Bab Al Shams Restaurant Reservations
Tel: +971 4 809 6194

DUBAI FOOD FESTIVAL: Desert Dining, 1st March 2017

Special Events at Al Hadheerah

Al Hadheerah, in association with Dubai Food Festival, will showcase an evening of authentic "Desert Dining" experience on Wednesday, 1st of March.

Featuring a new extensive live entertainment that will be shown for the first-time, your experience will include:

  • A generous buffet with 14 live cooking stations and culinary shows
  • Live entertainment with the Emirati heritage performance ‘The pearl divers’, Khaliji performance ‘The Tribe’; as well as 'Arabian entertainment' such as Belly dancer and Tanoura dancer performances.
  • An introduction to the Emirati history and heritage through sculptures and mannequins; Al Hadheerah is the only desert restaurant in the UAE that has its own Emirati heritage museum.
  • Spectacular fireworks display to conclude the evening

Ticket Price:

AED 495 per person including soft beverages
Children between 5 to 12 years get 50% discount
Children below 4 years old dine free of charge

This promotion is only available at: 07:00 PM - 11:00 PM
Wednesday, 01 March 2017

Contact Us: Bab Al Shams Restaurant Reservations
Tel: +971 4 809 6194